Heteroactivism - Resisting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Rights and Equalities Book
Heteroactivism - Resisting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Rights and Equalities Book

Heteroactivism - Resisting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Rights and Equalities Book

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Around the world, LGBTQ+ activists have won an unprecedented series of political victories, from marriage equality to increased representation in government. But this success has sparked a backlash.

While there has been much scrutiny of the role of the Christian right in opposing LGBTQ+ equality in the US, the backlash goes far beyond these traditional elements, and also extends beyond the US to countries including the UK, Ireland and Canada.

In this book, Nash and Brown consider the rise of the new 'heteroactivism', showing how social media and new sources of funding have reinvigorated the opponents of LGBTQ+ rights. They also show how the rhetoric and tactics of this new generation of heteroactivists differs from that of their predecessors, exploiting notions of 'parental rights' and freedom of speech to assert heteronormative values in spaces ranging from schools to workplaces.

'Rather than follow the scholarship path of non-normative, queer and LGBTIQ+ lives, identities and communities, this book puts organised heteroactivist people, groups, spaces and places at the centre of enquiry. An original and crucial intervention for scholars and activists interested in the shifting and highly charged debates about equality, freedoms, and human rights, that provides new understandings of the way in which societies, space, place and activism are reworked through resistances to LGBTIQ+ legislative, political and social equalities.' --Lynda Johnston, University of Waikato

'Emphasizing transnational networks and activisms, Catherine Jean Nash and Kath Browne provide a fascinating guide to the new heteroactivism in countries where many students of anti-LGBTQ backlash assume we have won.' --Cynthia Burack, The Ohio State University

'What an excellent read this is! The authors provide a wealth of insight into heteroactivism in localised contexts, avoiding simplistic religion-related explanations. Critically aware of epistemological geopolitics, this is the book we all should reward ourselves to read.' --Dr Roberto Kulpa, Co-editor of De-Centring Western Sexualities: Central and Eastern European Perspectives.

Author Catherine Jean Nash & Kath Browne
Format Paperback
Pages 248
ISBN 9781786996459

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